Puzzle House

Autism-Friendly House Association


We are sad to have to announce the following –
The Autism-Friendly House Association will be winding up over the next few weeks.
Due to circumstances beyond our control we will no longer be operating.
Thank you for all your support over the years.
All the funds we have raised and donations we have received will be divided between other local disability charities. The charities chosen are some that are very close to us, Firstchance Early Intervention and Hunter Prelude.
Thank you. Your wonderful support is what has driven us to keep trying.
But it’s time to close down and concentrate on our own families now.

Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit charity, a group of parents with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other interested people, who are working hard to obtain land and build a purpose built holiday house for people with ASD and their families.

Families who have a loved one with ASD often find a family holiday extremely challenging. This is often due to unsuitable accommodation which may tick all the boxes for mainstream families but may not be secure enough, safe enough or robust enough for our autism community .

Our holiday house will be available to be booked out to families in NSW at a subsidised rate and in time, we hope to become affiliated with the NDIS. Group home clients would also be welcome to enjoy a group holiday. We feel there is a need for a facility such as this, where families can relax in a safe, secure, robust environment which is stimulating ,entertaining and affordable for the whole family.

What The House Will Look Like

Puzzle House will be a purpose-designed family holiday house in the Hunter Region, NSW.

We hope to locate it in a coastal area, close to family attractions, shops and facilities. Special attention will be given to make the house as safe and secure as possible.

We will be looking into becoming affiliated with the NDIS to make Puzzle House accessible to all eligible families and groups.


Features Of The House

  • The house is designed around an internal courtyard. This enables vision of the courtyard and playground areas from almost all aspects of the house. The house will also act as a boundary to the courtyard so wandering off is much less likely.
  • A water play area will feature in the outdoor area. This area will be designed not to have pooling water, while still providing a good drenching of fun!
  • Internally the house will have toughened walls and windows to cater for those ASD family members who like to kick/hit out. External doors will have security locks and pantries, refrigerators and vanities will also be lockable if needed.
playground at the puzzle house
an adorable smile with purely joy
  • Furniture will be robust for those who like to climb and there will be internal swings and Egg Chairs
  • The house will feature a sensory/chill out room with dimming lights, stimulating equipment and soft, padded flooring.
  • Bedrooms will also have dimming lights, waterproof mattresses and blockout blinds on the windows.
  • Bathrooms will be fully accessible.
  • The kitchen will have sliding doors that can be closed for safety reasons.
  • There will be the ability to place visuals around the house to support the family member with ASD.
  • The whole family can enjoy the theatre/ games room with a computer area that can be closed off so parents can regulate its use.
  • An outdoor spa will be completely housed to ensure safety.
  • The house will be pet friendly to accommodate companion pets.