an oldie woman wearing glasses is anne vimpani who is also a vice chair at the puzzle house

Anne Vimpani - Deputy Chairperson

I am a semi retired medical doctor and for over 44 years have worked in various places – Adelaide, Alice Springs, Edinburgh and Newcastle. I have been involved in developmental and behavioural paediatrics for most of this time after a brief stint in general practice and obstetrics. My experience since 1990 until recently has been with Hunter New England Health Service in community health and with the JHH Neonatal Follow up program working with children with special needs and their families.

I have been a conjoint lecturer at the Uni of Newcastle and a tutor with the Institute of Psychiatry Infant Mental Health program. More recently I have been involved with a local preschool doing similar work in the preschool setting.I have always enjoyed working together with other professionals and especially with the children and their families.

Many of these children have a diagnosis of autism. I am consistently impressed with how families nurture and encourage their children to reach their potential, as well as negotiating the mysteries of service provision, and coping with the demands of family life, along with the extra demands that a special child brings to the family. This is often without much chance of respite.

I first met Julie with her boys through my work with community health. When I heard of her vision for an autistic friendly house where families could feel free to relax with their children I was more than happy to join the group to help the realisation of this vision.