the blue eyed lady is jennifer ciba who is also a board member in the puzzle house

Jennifer Ciba - Finance Officer

Hello my name is Jennifer Ciba. I am the Financial Officer of the Autism-Friendly House Association.

I have a family of four. My husband John, and I, have two boys, Ben 19 years and, Bayley 10 years. At the age of 3 Bayley was diagnosed with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder / severe Global Development Delay. Since Bayley’s diagnosis our goals as a family have taken a 180 degree U-Turn.

The vision of the ‘ Puzzle House’, always attracted myself as it has the purpose of keeping families together and valuing the family unit. A safe, secure holiday home is something that as a family we could utilize regularly for family getaways . Much that most families take for granted in going on holiday are next to impossible in regard to our family. The Puzzle House will allow this to be no longer a dream.

After leaving school I acquired a Bachelor in Economics and I have been a member of a number of many Committees, Boards and Associations.

I hope I can successfully participate in making our vision of a purpose built holiday house for families who struggle with Autism come to fruition.