Julie Lewis is a Finalist at the Newcastle Steel Magnolia Awards!

A few words from Julie –

“Last night I had the honour and priveledge of attending the Newcastle Steel Magnolias Awards as a finalist. While I was sitting, listening to the truly amazing stories of the other finalists, I realised that absolutely nothing is impossible if you work hard at it, persevere and follow your dream with passion and commitment. These were all truly inspirational women and I felt very humble standing beside them.

A lovely lady from Ronald McDonald Holiday houses, Alison, approached me on the night and was extremely excited to hear of what we are doing. She acknowledged that there is a huge gap in holiday accommodation for families with a loved one with autism. She regularly receives letters and phone calls from ASD families, desperate for an affordable holiday but, as she explained, they don’t fit the Ronald McDonald criteria. She wants to support us any way she can to get this house built. I am more determined than ever to make our holiday house a reality.”

an outstanding award for the chairperson of puzzle house julie lewis from lifeline